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  • Household cleaning wipes

    Household cleaning wipes

  • Detailed description
  • Household cleaning wipes / kitchen cleaning duster cloth paper towel

    Material Structure:

    50%Viscose50% polyester in different component

    48g / sm

    Features & Benefits 

    * Soft and comfortable feeling & without scratches after cleaning
    * Strong multi-purpose cloths with abrasive cleaning nodules to make cleaning quicker Thousands of abrasive nodules on each cloth
    * Non-adhesive, in line with national standards, healthy and safe
    * Soft material,high water and oil absorbency
    * Strong decontamination,easy to wipe off oil
    No floss left,washing durable and long lasting
    Easy to clean and soft drying
    Environment-friendly. Easy to use and degradable

    40 X 60mm, 75pcs/bag, 150pcs/box 
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