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  • CB-PS714K TOC swab with the notched snap handle

    CB-PS714K TOC swab with the notched snap handle

    CB-PS714K TOC swab with the notched snap handle

  • Detailed description
  • The Cleansebay's CB-PS714K has a large head ona rigid, break-away handle. This model provides firm support for sampling
    broad areas and flat surfaces. The break-away handle allows the swab head to be placed into a sampling vial with minimal handling. 
    The Larger Rectanguler Swab is a polyester swab for cleaning broad surfaces and flat areas. Its laundered, knitted polyester head is extremely clean. A long, rigid handle and large internal head paddle provide firm support. The Swab is widely recommended for surface sampling and cleaning-validation work. Its cleanliness levels provide a neutral background for the sample obtained. This swab is an ideal choice for controlled cleaning and sampling of large areas.

    Entraps samples in knit structure
    Complete release into diluent
    Thermally bonded head

    No contaminating adhesives
    Low fiber and particle generation

    . High recovery rates
    Consistent and reliable test results
    No background interference from other contaminants
    Choice of styles for use in different equipment and protocols

    Pharmaceutical manufacturing cleaning validation for TOC

    Physical Characteristics

    Head material  Knitted polyester
    Head width  12.7 mm (0.500")
    Head thickness  4.2 mm (0.165")
    Head length 25.7 mm (1.012")
    Handle material  Polypropylene
    Handle width 5.2 mm (0.205")
    Handle thickness 3.0 mm (0.118")
    Handle length 101.8 mm (4.008")
    Total swab length 127.5 mm (5.020")
    Head bond Thermal
    Handle color Light Green
    Design notes Flat head paddle; long, easy-grip handle
    Packing 50pcs/bag
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