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  •  M-3 Series Non-Woven White Wipes

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  • M3 Series Non-Woven White Wipes

    Material Structure:

    M3-A-R-40-HN-SH 100%Rayon
    M3-7R-3T-40-HN-SH 70%Rayon & 30%Polyester
    M3-4R-6T-40-HN-SH 60%Rayon & 40%Polyester

    This wipes fabricated from a hydro entangled process, it's fabric blend combines the highly absorbent properties of natural fibre with thecleanliness and strength of a synthetic. An excellent multipurpose wiper, ideal for Cleaning dvds, vcds and mini discs etc. Wipe basis weight: 35GSM, 40GSM.

    Features & Benefits 

    * Superior for general purpose wiping and spill control
    * Ideal for cleaning precision tools and laboratory apparatus
    * Heat sealed, solvent safe, single bag packaging
    * Excellent dry and wet strength
    * Low lint, low particle counts
    * Soft durable fibre, anti abrasion
    * Contains no chemical binders

    250 X 250mm, single wipe folded in quarter, 100PCS/bag, 30bags/CTN 
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