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  • CB-PS914 1.25mm Fiber Optical Cleaning Swab

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  • The Fiber Optical Cleaning Swabs can clean micro-contamintion encountered in fiber optic telecommunications. From removing end-face contamination on a fiber optic connector, to cleaning contamination from your fusion splicer, these ultra-clean swabs will make clear, clean and safe connections, fast and easy.


    . Use Ultrafine fibre clean cloth to make dry clean, excellent performance for demanding cleaning.
    . Available for cleaning fiber optic adapter and End-Faces Inside Alignment Sleeves.
    . No slight cloth scraps leave in the sleeve. 
    . Enviroment friendly, portable, safe and compact. 
    . Excellent chemical resistance

    . Ultralow nonvolatile residue
    . Low particle and fiber generation
    . Good sorbency
    . No contaminating adhesives



    . Cleaning with solvents such as IPA
    . Applying lubricants and other liquids
    . Removing excess materials
    . Connectors cleaned type MU,LC


    Physical Characteristics

    Head material  Micro Knitted polyester
    Head width  1.25mm(0.049")
    Head thickness  1.25mm(0.049")
    Head length 18.0mm(0.709")
    Handle material  ESD&Polypropylene
    Handle width 3.0mm(0.118")
    Handle thickness 3.0mm(0.118")
    Handle length 86.0mm(3.385")
    Total swab length 104.0mm(4.095")
    Head bond Thermal
    Handle color Light Blue
    Design notes Flexible head paddle; long handle
    Packing 100pcs/bag;

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